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We are pre-registering applications for professional drivers and fleet owners (only), throughout the USA. You must have and maintain, proper permits and licensing such as; taxi, livery, limo, and/or chauffeur, etc. to be considered.

Limited beta positions available right now. First come, first serve. Top producers are considered for partnerships to engage in mass expansion.

Complete the registration form and we will reach out to you with next steps. Duplicate submissions will delay response time.

About Registration

Own or operate a professional transportation company?

Has your business suffered since the onset of ride-hailing technology?

Because those technologies are not designed to manage, much less grow a professional driving service, it does not serve you, never mind a clientele. By now, you’ve probably given this lots of thought. Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “How do I get my business back?” or even uttered the words, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

If after all of that, you understand having today’s technology is a must to be successful, you’re halfway there. Building an enterprise mobile app and overall technology platform is an immense undertaking. The need to oversee and maintain the system, all while keeping pace with constantly changing technology, is a business in and of itself. Even If money and resources were available, how does a transportation owner effectively run their business and the day to day operations of managing the technology? We’ve uncovered all of this pain, and have developed the solutions.

While we have experience in the ride-hailing space, our core business and our hearts, are in the professional, concierge service class of transportation. Service should never go out of style and style should never go out of business. Today it’s all about technology, so we’re here to work together to bring service and style back to the business.

We are building strategic partnerships in key markets, wherein we work together to create a synergistic effect. This structure is intended to:

Ensure a dedicated team effort
Lower the cost of technology through distribution
Streamline business operations
Increase market share
Maximize revenue
Cultivate long term success